How to choose a bed

As we spend as much as a third of our life asleep, the bed is probably the most heavily used piece of furniture in any home, and yet it is often given the least attention. Figuratively speaking, the bed is essentially the battery pack of your home. A well-chosen high-quality bed ensures a deep sleep and a restorative rest. But how do you know you have found a good bed?

  • A bed is a long-term investment and should be considered carefully. The only way to be sure of a good fit is to try the bed out yourself. Put some time aside, lie down in the bed, and assume your normal sleeping position. Make sure your back is well supported. Listen to your body – do you feel comfortable? Note, however, that good posture can feel abnormal if you are used to sleeping in the wrong position. High-quality mattresses follow the contours of your body and keep the spine in the correct, natural position, relieving tension built up in the body during the day.
  • A good mattress is just right: not too soft, not too hard. In the past, firmer mattresses were recommended, but scientific studies show that sleeping on a hard bed can lead to health problems. A good mattress and pillow support the body in a way that keeps the spine straight and allows the muscles to relax. At the same time, it is better to choose a slightly firmer mattress, as the materials usually lose some of their firmness over time. Bellfire mattresses are also made with ecological materials: visco-elastic memory foam and latex. Visco-elastic foam is a unique material whose elasticity can help relieve back and neck problems. The foam is highly resistant to microbes and dust mites. Latex is a high-quality natural and antimicrobial foam that provides mattresses with long-lasting durability, body support, and luxurious comfort.
  • For hygiene and health reasons, it is extremely important to choose a breathable mattress. Ventilated mattresses help prevent the accumulation of moisture and excess heat, as well as contamination by dust mites and microbes.
  • Suspension matters. Bellfire mattresses use several types of springs. The bed frame is filled with either Bonnell springs or unique pocket springs, plus soft foam. The mattress on top of it is fitted with either single-layer or double-layer pocket springs, which are enclosed by high-quality foam. You can choose between firm or medium spring tension.
  • Body weight is a highly important factor. The heavier the person, the more support the mattress needs to provide. If you and your spouse have very different body weights, you may want to consider sleeping on separate mattresses. In Bellfire beds, one side of the bed can be made softer and the other firmer by flipping one of the mattresses over.
  • Bed height should be selected according to personal preference and the size of the bedroom. Lower beds might be a better option for smaller bedrooms; however, older people, for example, will find it easier to lie down in a higher bed.
  • Quality is directly linked to price, as good materials inevitably cost more. A high-quality mattress will retain its shape longer and is healthier and more comfortable. A bed is not just a piece of furniture, it is also an investment in your quality of life.
  • The size of the bed depends on the size of the bedroom as well as your needs – whether one or two people will be sleeping in it – although, yes, stretching out alone in a 180-cm-wide bed is quite a regal experience. Classic double beds start at 140 cm, while 180 cm should offer more than enough comfort for two sleepers.
  • Storage can be a valuable extra feature in homes where space is limited. Storage boxes and drawers can be used to store bed linen, for example, which you would otherwise need to make room for elsewhere.
  • The service life of your bed is directly related to the quality of the bed frame. Bellfire bed frames are made from carefully selected wood, and all wooden parts are made by experienced craftsmen.
  • Your bed should also match your bedroom and make it look beautiful and distinctive. Bellfire beds come in a variety of styles and with a variety of details so everyone could find something they like.

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